Nycimus / Lordofreviews
Wiki Rank Admin (Update unknown) edit
Race Human
Rank? Councilman
Landlord? Yes - The Nycimian Estate
Home(s) The Nycimian Estate
Nycimus' Nycimian Estate Room
Stores(s) None
Title? None
Can award money? No
Gender Male
Most Notable Build The Estate
Notable features Member of Old Metaship,
creator of The Nycimian Estate

Nycimus is a councilman of Metaship. His username on Minecraft is lordofreviews. He is the Wiki Admin and is generally regarded as the Technician of Metaship. He has built has currently manages The Nycimian Estate, which house only the most esteemed in the server. He has won a match of Metaship Survival.

The Nycimian EstateEdit

See main article, The Nycimian Estate.

Nycimus is most known for his self-named Nycimian Estate. It has 2 buyable rooms, 2 buyable slightly larger suites, and a large room twice the size of the suites made for Nycimus himself. Currently the only homeowner in the estate other than Nycimus is Exsiiron, but others have a careful eye on the beautiful rooms.