Wiki Rank Contributor (Update unknown) edit
Race Muma
Rank? Mayor
Landlord? Yes - Metaship Public Buildings
Happy Town
New Water Ways
Home(s) Cero Fortress
Stores(s) Hobo's Corner
Title? None.
Can award money? Yes
Gender Male
Most Notable Build Happy Town(?)
Notable features Co-Mayor, Co-Creator


MetaPawn is the Co-Mayor of Metaship and Old Metaship. He (and his counterpart Exsiiron) are running Metaship well. He also has gotten quite a few people to join the Metaship server. Though he is of mayor rank,

Hobo's CornerEdit

See main article, Hobo's Corner.

MetaPawn owns a shop entitled "Hobo's Corner" where he sells 3 - 6 random things at a discount which can also be purchased at Doc's Corner Store. The store is just as popular (if not more) than Doc's.