Wiki Rank Contributor (Update unknown) edit
Race Gorilla
Rank? Mayor
Landlord? Yes - Metaship Public Buildings
Hell's Domain
Home(s) Quincy's Solid Gold Haus
Quincy's Nycimian Estate Room
Stores(s) Quincy Rd Real Estate
Doc's Corner Store
Title? Creator
Can award money? Yes
Gender Male
Most Notable Build The TNT Monument of Old Metaship
Notable features Original creator, co-mayor, and host of the server


Exsiiron is the Creator, Owner, Co-Mayor, and Host of the Metaship Server. He owns a variety of facilities on Quincy Road, and to keep the spirit of the server's "city" feel, doesn't own any of the other buildings in the server. Metaship is not communist!

TNT MonumentEdit

Exsiiron is most known for his TNT Monument. It is the largest structure in Metaship, and was erected first in the server dedicated to Old Metaship and the power of Exsiiron himself.