Doc's Corner Store
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Existed In Old Metaship? No. (Update unknown) edit
Owned By Exsiiron
Owner Rank Mayor
Sells Just about everything, at modest prices.
Homes Within? No
Area Metaship
Street(s) Quincy Road
Admin area? Yes
Most Notable Quality Sells most items players buy in Metaship.


Doc's Corner Store is the store on the corner of Quincy Rd. and Ironbar Dr. which sells a lot of items with the only exception being Redstone and Banned items. REDWiR is directly diagonal from Doc's and Quincy's Solid Gold Haus is right across.

Schedule Edit

Doc's is open at these times:
Mon. - Thurs.
4pm - 7pm
Fri. - Sun.
12pm - 7pm


  • The name "Doc's Corner Store" is reference to a shop in the popular TV Show, Everybody Hates Chris.